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Site age 10/10 has been around for many years which is usually a sign of a popular well run site.

Transdate or also known as Transdate uk operates an international site for adults looking to date transgender, transexual, crossdresser and admirers. And has pretty much one of the largest membership of site of this kind when you take into account it’s international appeal and connected membership.

TransDate is a completely private and discreet members site. Your personal details will not be on display or shared. TransDate is dedicated to providing genuine Transexual, Transgender and Crossdresser dating. Adults who join transdate are typically looking to find a date, chat online or have a FLING. TransDate includes chatrooms, were hundreds of members mingle at any given time. Transdate is part of a large connected network with more of a social community feel rather than some of the more simplistic dating sites.

Pros: Chatrooms. You can join from all regions and most countries. Large membership. Many site functions and activities. On site admin

Cons: Certain site functions are restricted to premium members


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