Date Gamers is a browser based app.. ie nothing needs to be downloaded and can be used via a web browser on all devices. The Site caters for gamers, geeks, nerds and cosplay enthuisiast who are looking to meet people with the same or similair interests.

The app has a familair swpe and match feel, with a few more fucntions thrown in, making the site both engaging and fun to use at the same time.

It is on a shared membership platform, which basically means it pools members from lots of similair sites in order to bring a large membership all to one place.

You can give it a go for free and browse local matches free. Some functions, as with nearly all dating sites these days are for premium/paying members.

Dategamers is not a casual dating or shag site, but we included it as many members can typicaly be looking for a bit of fun as well as long term.

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